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The aims and goals of Diocesan Family Service Centre include upholding steadfastly the institution of Marriage, fostering the security and welfare of family life and responsible parenthood. To develop in people a proper understanding of human sexuality and genuine love in marriage; advance and defuse the knowledge of Natural Methods of Family planning on healthy, moral and scientific lines with a view to regulate the transmission of human life. To preserve and advance the best values of Indian family life. To promote family life education at all stages of life. As well as to co-operate with all men of goodwill, regardless of caste, class and creed with a view to promote the true goals of the family as the primary cell of society and so advance the welfare of the Nation.
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Latest News

Family Life Education Programme

Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa in accordance to the Jannani programme initiated by the Goa Samagra Shiksha offered Family Life [...]

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Meeting of Couples representing their Parishes to establish the Parish Family Service Cell

The first meeting of the Couples representing their Parishes in order to establish Parish Family Service Cell was held on [...]

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World Marriage Day celebration

The Diocesan Family Service Centre celebrated the World Marriage Day on 5th February 2023. In order to mark the occasion, [...]

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``Every family should look to the icon of the Holy Family of Nazareth,``

- Pope Francis