Family Life Education

What is Family Life Education?

Goa has a long tradition of close bonded family system. But today, we see that modern family as an institution is in crisis. Families are not exempt from the difficulties that accompany rapid social and technological changes. Yet, the family has always demonstrated an ability to turn difficulties into challenges. Indeed the family can offer support and security to individuals in the society in a fast changing world.

Families come in different shapes and sizes, each family has a unique sense of shared family traditions, shared experiences and continuity of pattern through generations. We believe that nurturing this quality of family contact and interaction becomes even more important at a time like today, when many people feel rootless and isolated. Technological progress often contributes to development but sometimes it generates a sense of depersonalization – a question of self-identity. That is why family life education is essential and relevant in present day context.

As we know every society has evolved its own ways of preparing its younger members for adulthood primarily through an educational process. Traditionally most elements of family life education have been informal, taking place within the home, place of worship, work and in every day contacts with other people. In childhood many values related to family life education have been imparted through stories from folk tales, epics, religious scriptures, etc. The hidden rationale behind this is to enable children to imbibe values essential for family life or inculcate these values in them so that they act as guidelines for the rest of their lives.

As societies change and become more complex, this pattern of informal learning about living in families becomes inadequate. The development of new knowledge, advances in technology, and changing social and economic conditions create situations where the teachings of previous generations are no longer appropriate or sufficient. In these circumstances, societies must find or create new ways to prepare individuals for their family roles and responsibilities. One of these new ways is Family Life Education.

Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa, under the Family Life Education (FLE) Department strives to build stronger families for stronger communities. Family Life Education is a special programme, designed for the teens and adolescents. They are given a detailed understanding about the maturing of their own bodies and those of the complementary sexes. They are made aware of the various physical and physiological changes that occur. They are briefed about the various choices and are guided in their times of crisis. The need to embrace a life of virtues also forms an integral part of the programme.

The importance of family life education is summed up in the following points:

  • Family life education helps the young people to solve family problems.
  • It helps the youth in their growing stage to know about the social, emotional and physical changes that take place in this stage.
  • It provides knowledge about maintaining good relationship among the members of the family and other people of the society. It helps to make the family happy and prosperous.
  • It develops the knowledge, values and the skills, which are necessary for adulthood, marriage and parenthood as well as for participation in community life.
  • It helps to deal with the changes in the adolescents lives in their society.
  • It helps them to make wise decision and communicate effectively with others about all matters concerning the social behaviour

The FLE department has a special module for schools (Std V to Std X) and Higher Secondaries.  A trained team of resource persons go to various schools all over Goa, when requested to conduct the sessions. Each session has three main topics, which are covered up in a day viz. Family Values, Importance on the value of life and human sexuality and case studies/question-answer session.

Family Life Education Programme comprises of

  • Importance of Family Life Family
  • Family and Value System
  • Growing up
  • Peer Pressure
  • Infatuation
  • Love, “Falling in Love” and Dating.
  • Boy-Girl Relationship
  • Friendship
  • Human Sexuality
  • “Chastity” – A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Sexual Abuse in Homes
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Infections

The methodology used:

  • Sharing of Experiences by a Couple
  • Instruction-oriented
  • Power point Presentations
  • Video Films
  • Interactive Discussions

The Beneficiaries of the Programme:

  • Std V to Std X Students
  • Std XI & XII Students
  • College Students
  • Youth Groups
  • Pre-Novices & Novices
  • Seminarians

Our Testimonials

Dear Rev. Father,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for conducting the Family Life Education sessions for our students of Std Vth to VIIth on 12/07/ 2022 and Std VIIIth to Xth on 13/07/2022. It was really a lively session where our students have gained a lot and your session has motivated and rejuvenated them. Surely this will help our students to grow. May God bless you and grant you good health to carry on the good work.

Fr. Milagres Dias
Manager, Our Lady of Carmel High School
Curtorim, Salcete – Goa

This session is very useful for youngsters nowadays. Most of the students don’t have proper knowledge about sex which leads them to do wrong things. I really appreciate the work done by the team. we really got to know alout lot of important things. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.

Simra Shaikh
Student, Our Lady of Rosary High School

The session was extremely informative and provided insight into how we can grow into a society of well informed individuals and we too can spread awareness and help create a safer world. Thank you for giving us your time and guidance.

Amber Martins
Student, Chubby Cheeks Spring Valley High School.

Our Programmes

Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa in accordance to the Jannani programme initiated by the Goa Samagra Shiksha offered Family Life Education programme based on Menstruation hygiene management and nutrition, safe and unsafe places, good touch and bad touch, how to protect oneself from sexual violence and the changes during puberty for girls and boys at St. Elizabeth High School, Pomburpa on 16th February 2023 and Holy Cross High school, Siolim on 24th February 2023.

P.T.A. session at Infant Jesus High School, Colva.

The P.T.A. General Body Meeting of Infant Jesus High School, Colva was held on 1 July 2023. The resource person for the meeting was Rev. Fr. Albano Fernandes, Director of the Diocesan Family Service Centre, who spoke on the topic, ‘Love Never Gives Up.’ Rev. Fr. impressed upon the parents that it is important to understand their unique role as parents in the upbringing of their children. He further spoke about the positive and negative aspects of the four Parenting Approaches i.e. Strictness, Permissiveness, Neglectful and Positive Discipline. He showed the importance of the ‘Positive Discipline approach’ which is based on the attitude of parents of firmness and kindness, helps in the healthy development of the child in all aspects. He, further, guided the parents on how to deal with disrespectful behaviour of their children and instructed them to deal with love because Love never gives up. He told the parents that parenting is a vocation and the family is a school of love. He reminded the parents that if they think that they have failed in the upbringing of their children till date, they should be discouraged but understand that there is still time to fight back with God’s help and fortitude and guide their children to be responsible citizens. He concluded his talk by advising the parents to be hopeful and tolerant in the upbringing of their children, as children are the fruits of love and Love Never Gives Up.

Programme for Pre-Novitiates of Don Bosco – Loutolim

The Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa conducted two days programme for the pre-novitiates of Don Bosco – Loutolim on 19th and 20th September 2023.

The topics covered were:

Family in the documents of the Church, The Church and homosexuality, Pro-life, Reproductive system of man and woman, called to oneness through sexuality, Pornography and Psychosexual Disorders, Friendship and Love, Chastity, Social issues affecting our families, Implications of risk taking behaviours, Sexually transmitted infections, HIV / AIDS and it’s implications on society. Twelve pre-novitiates benefitted from this programme which was very much appreciated. The resource persons were, Dr. Roshan Nazareth, Agnelo and Augusta Cardozo, Francisca Fernandes and Perpetua Desouza. Fr. Ian Figueiredo SDB expressed his gratitude to the DFSC team.


Dear members of the Diocesan Family Service Centre,

We would like to express our immense gratitude to you for enlightening us on such important topics. We thank you for such interesting sessions. They were so well conducted, topics were so well explained, we did not realize how the hours went by. We are sure this knowledge will help us in the future regardless of wherever we are. This information has enabled us to be better followers of Christ. May God bless you all and your families for all the work that you so generously do to further His kingdom. We assure you of our prayers. Thank you once again.

Pre- Novices and confreres,

Don Bosco, Loutolim.


Date:Name of School:PlaceStandard Given Session
16, 17, 23 & 24 June 2022Rosary High SchoolNavelimV-X
21 June 2022Our Lady of DesterroDesterro, VascoV-IX
22 June 2022St. Andrews High SchoolGoa velhaV-X
27, 28, 29, 30 June 2022Guardian Angels High SchoolSanvordemV-X
01 July 2022Marina English High SchoolVernaV-VII
5, 6 July 2022Infant Jesus High SchoolColvaV-IX
7 July 2022St. Joseph Convent High SchoolNagoa, VernaV-X
11 July 2022Don Bosco High SchoolPanjimX
12, 13 July 2022Mount Carmel High SchoolCurtorimV-X
14 July 2022Mae De Deus Pobres High SchoolNuvemV-X
15 July 2022St. Andrew’s High School ( ICSE)VascoV-X
18, 19, 20 July 2022Our Lady of Rosary High SchoolFatordaV-X
21, 22 July 2022Mary Immaculate High SchoolPanjimVII-X
25, 26, 27, 28 July 2022The Rosary High schoolCujira, BambolimV-X
29 July 2022St. Anne’s High SchoolTormasV-X
1, 2, 3 August 2022Perpetual Succour ConventNavelimV-VI
3 August 2022St. Lawrence High SchoolAgassaimV-X
22 August 2022Marina English High SchoolVernaVIII-X
19, 20 September 2022St. Clara High SchoolAssnoraV-X
26 November 2022St. Xavier’s VidalayaCorgao PernemV-X
29, 30 November 2022Chubby cheeks SchoolPorvorimV-VIII
02 December 2022Chubby cheeks SchoolPorvorimIX-X
08 December 2022Pope John Paul XXIIIQuepemOpen school
15, 16 December 2022Auxillium High SchoolBenaulimV-X
16 February 2023St. Elizabeth High SchoolPomburpaV-X
24 February 2023Holy Cross SchoolSiolimVII-X
14 June 2023St. Rock's High SchoolTollecanto, velimV-X
15 June 2023St. Andrews ICSE High SchoolVascoV-X
16 June 2023St. Anne's High SchoolAgondaV-X
19 June 2023Bethany Convent High SchoolSao Jose De ArealV-X
20 June 2023Saviour of the World High SchoolLoutolimV-X
21 June 2023Infant Jesus High SchoolColvaV-X
22 & 23 June 2023Rosary High SchoolColvaV-X
24 June 2023Adarsh High SchoolMargaoV-X
26 June 2023Mae Dos Porbes High SchoolNuvemV-X
27 June-01 July 2023Guardian Angel High SchoolSanvordemV-X
03 July 2023St. Clara's High SchoolAssonoraV-X
04 & 05 July 2023Our Lady of Rosary High SchoolFatordaV-X
07 July 2023St. Joseph Convent High School,Nagoa – VernaV-X
10 July 2023St. Joseph Vaz High SchoolSancoaleV-X and also session for teachers
11 & 12 July 2023Mary Immaculate Girls High SchoolPanjimV-X
13 & 14 July 2023Santa Cruz High SchoolSanta Cruz V-X
17 & 18 July 2023Holy Spirit InstituteMargaoV-X
19 July 2023St. Teresa Convent High SchoolRaia, SantemolV-X
24 July 2023Marina English H.S,Verna V-IX
28 July 2023St. Aloysius H. S BenaulimV-X
09 Aug 2023St. Joseph Vaz High SchoolCalanguteVI-X
16 August 2023Mae De Deus High SchoolCorjuem AldonaV-X
07 & 08 September 2023Chubby Cheeks H. SPorvorimV-X