The following is the syllabus drawn out by the FLE Department of DFSC for the current academic year 2014-15. The first session is on Human Values dealing with the Human Person and the second session is on cherishing, protecting and promoting life. The brochure is uploaded on the website and DFSC Facebook page. This programme is open to all schools, irrespective of religion, class or creed. Contact the DFSC office for booking. 

5TH Standard
1. Children: Called to be Happy
2. God created you: Respect Life!

6th Standard
1. You are Special
2. Understanding Self

7th Standard
1. Know thy Self
2. True Friend, True Love

8th Standard
1. Adolescent at crossroads
2. Appreciating Sexually Maturity

9th Standard
1. Freedom and Authority
– Freedom
– Discipline
– Authority
2. The Wonder of us
– Only you are you
– My body is a visible image of the invisible God. My body is a Sacrament (Sign) of my      person.
– Our bodies express who we are
– Dignity of marriage
– Be Pro-life

10th Standard
1. Sexual Power and Our responsibility
– Human Sexuality
– God’s plan for the human person
– Misuse of the power of love (married love)
– Psychosexual disorders
2. Social Issues affecting You & your family
– Substance Abuse
– Contraception
– Abortion
– Sexually transmitted Infections

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