Pass on the message to all CCPI Members / Counselors / Psychologist / Psychiatrists /Sociologists / NGO / Social Workers /Doctors / Nurses / Priests /Sisters / Students of Social Sciences / Educators and like minded persons to register for the conference. Fr. Clifford Castelino, Asst. Parish Priest, Chinchinnim Parish and Co-ordinator of the Responsible Parenthood Department of the DFSC is the main co-ordinator for the event in Goa.  Registrations are pouring in of late.

Last date for registrations is fixed for 15th September 2016. 


Rev. Dr. Jose Puthenveed
National Secretary, CCPI
Ph. No. 09447189614

Fr. Clifford Castelino
Conference Co-ordinator
Ph. No. 9922650210/8275646145
Email: ccpigoa1716@gmail.com

Websites: www.conferenceofcatholicpsychologistsindia.org

Who Can Attend This Conference?
CCPI Members / Counselors / Psychologist / Psychiatrists /
Sociologist / NGO / Social Workers / Doctors / Nurses / Priests /
Sisters / Students of Social Sciences / Educators.

Venue : St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual
Renewal Centre (Cruz dos Milagres)

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Goa, the Rome of the East. It is our joy to invite you our esteemed participants to Old Goa, the historical state constructed by the Bijapur Sultanate in the 15th century and served as a capital of the Portuguese India till the 18th century. The venue of the 17th CCPI Conference is in this historical state, situated on the hill called Monte de Boa Vista (Hillock of Good View). This is a holy place, one experiences the presence of the Divine. In the year 1619 the apparition of Our Lord took place on this ground. It is also encouraging to note that St. Joseph Vaz lived his Oratorian spirituality here. This is a place of serenity and will provide an opportunity to look within and respond to the challenges around us. The place is apt to deliberate on the theme “Psycho-social care of the Earth, Children and Peripheral Communities”. On behalf of the organizing committee, it gives me immense joy to extend to you our participants, a warm welcome and also extend an invitation to share your expertise and research findings in this 17th CCPI Conference to be held at St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre (Cruz dos Milagres), Old Goa from 30th September to 2nd October 2016.

Best Regards,
Sincerely Yours,
For CCPI Conference Team 2016 Goa
Dr. Jose Puthenveed
Secretary CCPI
Fr. Clifford Castelino



(CCPI) is beckoning us to a reflection of the PSYCHO-SOCIAL CARE OF THE EARTH, CHILDREN AND THE PERIPHERAL COMMUNITIES. We shall meet on the gorgeous hillock, Boa Monte at the St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre-Old Goa. Seeing the great need for mercy and healing in the world, Pope Francis called for the year of Mercy- a special period, also known as a Jubilee Year, for the Catholic Church. It is a time for the Church across the world to focus on forgiveness and healing in a special way. Mercy is not just a theological term, but an attitude, an emotion and a positive response. The effect of God’s mercy can be felt not only on a supernatural level, but also on a human and psychological one. The year of mercy is an invitation- an invitation to love, kindness, and unbounded generosity. As Catholic Psychologists our focus will be on the psycho-social perspective of compassionate care: studying and reflecting on mercy, receiving mercy and being merciful towards others. Three areas focused under the main theme are briefly outlined below:

Care of the Earth
Environmental concerns should find a core space in our activities to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the earth for future generation. Environment psychology and eco-spirituality demands our immediate attention in changing the negative and destructive m i n d s e t o f o u r f e l l o w h u m a n b e i n g s .

Care of our children

In the recent apostolic letter “As a Loving Mother” issued by Motu Proprio
on 4th June 2016- Pope Francis affirms that the Church,” like a loving
mother, loves all her children, but treats and protects with special affection
the smallest and most defenseless”. Each day, the integrated development
and well-being of the children in India are threatened by child abuse and
neglect. There are many forms of child abuse in its manifold forms, its legal
ramifications, skill development in dealing with these clients and training the
children in safety skills are areas of our professional concern. Are we willing
t o b r e a k o u r s i l e n c e a n d s a v e o u r c h i l d r e n ?

Care of the community

These communities are formed when sections of people are separated or actively excluded from the rest of society. These marginalized people are often regarded as an underclass-unable to access basic material needs, work opportunities, education, welfare or healthcare- their needs ignored or forgotten by the public. They are called the forgotten people. Community psychology is particularly well placed to help people to respond to the challenge of their marginalization in constructive ways. Its refusal to restrict itself to the individual level and to attribute social problems to pathology carried by the victims, is a welcome step. In addition, its emphasis on participatory, action oriented work holds promise for supporting those who are socially marginalized in active resistance and change.

Prevention of Child Abuse
Safety Skills Training for School Children
Positive Psychology at Community Level
Environmental Psychology
Care of Marginalized Communities

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