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Seminar cum Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse and intervention at School

The Diocesan Family Service Centre, Goa under it Dept. of Pastoral Counselling organised a one day seminar cum workshop, titled Child Sexual Abuse and intervention at School, on 21st of May’16,  at St. John Paul II Complex, Borda- Margao.  A team of eminent speakers expounded on the theme of the seminar. The seminar was attended by 89 participants from different walks of life.

Fr. Albano Fernandes welcomed the gathering and led the group into pray, followed by Fr. K. Teles Director of DFSC, Goa escorting the dignitaries to the lighting of the lamp. Adv. J.  D’souza set the tone to the seminar and declared the seminar open. Dr. J. Puthenveed   emphasised that every school needs to have a written policy on child sexual abuse.  Adv. E. Pinho focused on the Goan scenario and enlightened the gathering on the legislations protecting children. Scribe, Ms. R. Nagarsekar shared her experience on the myths that people carry which hampers reporting of child sexual abuse cases. Post lunch, Sr. J. Arakkal offered important tips in counselling sexual abused children. Finally the seminar moved into a workshop wherein participants discussed cases and made some resolution to step out to make a difference.

The seminar cum workshop ended with concluding remarks by Dr. R. Patil and Mrs. Alinda Luis, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the seminar. Mr. Clenton Afonso anchored the event.


Kuttumbik Jivitak: Brochures (Folders) for Spiritual Renewal in the Family





KJ1 - side 1

Kuttumbik JIvitak I: Basic Prayers

KJ1 - side 2

Kuttumbik Jivitak I: Mulavim Magnnim


KJ2 - side 2

Kuttumbik Jivitak II: Basic Catechism





KJ2 - side 1

Kuttumbik Jivitak II: Mulavi Dotorn

KJ3 - side 2

Kuttumbik Jivitak III: Niyallun Ters Korum-ya

KJ3 - side 1

Kuttumbik Jivitak III: The Meditative Rosary

KJ4 - side 1

Kuttumbik Jivitak IV: Misache Bhettek Toyari/Spiritual Preparation for Mass

KJ4 - side 2

Kuttumbik Jivitak IV: Promoting Liturgical Renewal in our Archdiocese

KJ5 - side 1

Kuttumbik Jivitak V: Let’s Celebrate The Eucharist


KJ5 - side 2

Kuttumbik Jivitak V: Misant Vantto Gheum-ia