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The DFSC conducted the first of its kind in Goa and India a Deanery Conference on Natural Family Planning for Clergy and Religious Sisters on the 25th of August 2014. This conference was held at the Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Benaulim for the Deanery of Benaulim from 4pm to 8pm. The conference had in attendance all together 18 Priests and 14 Religious Sisters. The first session for the conference was delivered by was conducted by Valentine and Ana Coelho, Directors of Couple to Couple League, India Branch. They strongly put forth the view of how the Clergy/Religious could talk NFP in their day to day life. Continue reading

The Church and the Gospel on the Family: Implications in the Goan context -Fr. Kennet B Teles, Director, DFSC


The good news of divine love is to be proclaimed to all those personally living this basic human experience of couples and of a communion open to the gift of children, which is the family community. The teachings of the faith on marriage is to be presented in an articulate and efficacious manner, so that it might reach hearts and transform them in accordance with God’s will, made manifest in Jesus Christ.

The citation of biblical sources on marriage and family in this document are essential references only. The same is true for documentation from the Magisterium which is limited to that of a universal character, including some texts from the Pontifical Council for the Family. It will be left to the bishop-participants at the synod to cite documents from their own episcopal assemblies.

In every age, and in the many different cultures, the teaching of the Pastors has been clear nor has there been lacking the concrete testimony of believers — men and women — in very diverse circumstances who have lived the Gospel of the family as an inestimable gift for their life and their children. The commitment for the next Extraordinary Synod is inspired and sustained by the desire to communicate this message with greater incisiveness, in the hope that “the treasure of revelation, entrusted to the Church, more and more fill the hearts of each person” (DV, 26). Continue reading