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Chaplet consists of 5 Sets – one Our Father and three
Hail Marys. Pray each set for the following intentions:

Set 1 – The recognition by all
that God
creates human life at the moment of

Set 2 – An end to all legalized abortion.

Set 3 – For all expectant mothers – that they
value the precious life within them.

Set 4 – The conviction of conscience in the
Truth for anyone considering

Set 5 – An inner healing for all who have
been involved in any way with

Mothers and Fathers; Health Caregivers;
Legislators; Those who, in their
thoughts, words, actions or lack of
action, have supported abortion.

At the end, say the following prayer:

Heavenly Father, please forgive this
generation for the arrogance of abortion.
Heal the many wounds abortion has
caused in our hearts, in the world and
in our relationship with You. Unite us in
the Truth. Amen.
(Blessed Mother 03/24/13)


• Every time the Chaplet is prayed from the heart,
some soul contemplating abortion will have a
change of heart.

• Each time the Chaplet is prayed from the heart,
some soul will be reconciled with the Truth of
what abortion really is – the taking of a life.”

• The Chaplet is a means of reconciliation between
the heart of man and the Heart of God, which is
so greatly wounded by the sin of abortion.
(Blessed Mother 03/25/13)


March 25: The International Day of the Unborn Child

What is it?
The International Day of the Unborn Child is celebrated on March 25, in conjunction with the Feast of the Annunciation. First officially celebrated in Argentina in 1999 under the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II, this day is a celebration of the value and dignity of every human person from the moment of conception, as well as a day of remembrance for those unborn children who have lost their lives to the violence of abortion.

The Holy Father linked this day to the feast of the Annunciation to honor the day when God was conceived and became an unborn child in the womb of Our Blessed Mother. Though celebrated in conjunction with the feast of the Annunciation, the Day of the Unborn Child is not an exclusively Catholic or Christian event. Any pro-life group, whether affiliated with a faith or not, is welcome and encouraged to participate in local events or form their own events to celebrate human life. Continue reading

Abortion Interrupted: Doctor Reverses Abortion Drug After Mom Changes Mind

Abortion Interrupted: Doctor Reverses Abortion Drug After Mom Changes Mind by Julie Filby | Washington, DC | | 3/17/14 5:07 PM Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Kim, 32, was frantic when she left the Planned Parenthood clinic in Fort Collins Saturday afternoon. As soon as she took the first dose of the abortion pill, she knew she’d made a mistake. She pulled over in a nearby church parking lot.

“I started trying to throw up right away,” she said, struggling to speak as she recalled the traumatic day last September when she was grappling with how to proceed with her pregnancy. “I just kept forcing myself to throw up until I couldn’t taste the pill anymore.”
At the same time, she searched the Internet for “abortion reversal” on her smartphone. That search landed her at and their 24-7 hotline. Her call ultimately connected her with Dr. Edwin Anselmi, a physician with Our Lady of Hope Medical Clinic in Centennial. Continue reading

Breathing Easy with Both Parents—And Lots of Siblings

Epidemiologists have long understood that an intact family shields children from poor health. However, a team of Canadian researchers found themselves highly puzzled when they not only confirmed that children are healthier when living with both parents but also established that these children are usually freer from illness when living in a home with a large number of siblings. Both findings appear—unexpectedly paired—in a study published by scholars from the University of Calgary. Continue reading