The well being of the individual person and of both human and Christian society is closely bound up with the healthy state of conjugal and family life. However, this happy or healthy picture of family is not reflected everywhere, but is overshadowed by polygamy, the plague of divorce, so-called free love. Married love is to often dishonoured by selfishness, hedonism, etc. Besides, the economic, social, psychological and civil climate of today has a severely disturbing effect on the family life. However, with a society, which has seen a radical erosion of values, living a Christian life and Christian values has become a civilization, which exalts material growth, giving little importance to Gospel values has created a generation that gives value to efficiency and productivity, Thus the elderly, the sick and the weak are seen as a burden to society.

People have begun to follow their own will, whims and fancy with no regard for the will of God. This rejection of God has made the generation sick and perverse and is giving rise to a society in which the level of conscience is sinking to the abysmal depth of perverseness. The young as well as the old reflect this from present day entertainment that ruins morals, which are being absorbed, presently as normal behaviour. A shameful sense of morality and a degeneration of society to almost primitive behaviour are living us sad and confused. Values like righteousness and kindness are being shunned by a society that wants to only advance materially and progress in every sphere by hook or by crook.



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