Pastoral Counselling Services

Human Life is not to be lived alone. It is born out of relationships that exist between spouses. It is anchored in the family . It extends from here to the society. To exists in a society means to develop a huge network of relationships with those around.

The frail and fragile nature of every person tends to commit errors and causes undue misunderstandings. To liberate oneself from this great web of misunderstandings and confusions, the Diocesan Family Service Centre offers Pastoral Counselling. The concept of Pastoral Counselling makes people aware of their own shortcomings and proposes them various means and choices to come out of the maze of life and to live their daily chores with respect to oneself and others. 

The Counselling Services offered by the Centre are rendered by Specialised Counsellors who are trained to be like Good Shepherds leading and guiding their flock with great care and concern. This is the uniqueness of the Pastoral Counselling Services of the Centre.

The Pastoral Counselling Services are offered to individuals, engaged couples, spouses, single parents, widows/widowers, in-laws and to the families in general.   



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