Family Life Education

What is Family Life Education?

Family Life Education is a special programme , designed for the teens and adolescents. They are given a detailed understanding about the maturing of their own bodies and those of the complementary sexes. They are made aware of the various physical and physiological changes that occur. They are briefed about the various choices and are guided in their times of crisis. The need to embrace a life of virtues also forms an integral part of the programme.

The word "Education" is used in the context of imparting knowledge to the young minds in order to empower them, so that they make the right choices in their personal life, family life and in the society.

This department has a special module for schools (Std V to Std X) and Higher Secondaries. A trained team of resource persons go to various schools all over Goa, when requested to conduct the sessions. Each session has three main topics, which are covered up in a day viz. Family Values, Importance on the value of life and human sexuality and case studies/question-answer session. For colleges there is a programme to form Purity groups (Abstinence groups) to help students stay away from all forms of unwanted behaviour. 

Family Life Education Programme comprises of

  1. Importance of Family Life
  2. Family and Value System
  3. Growing up.
  4. Peer Pressure.
  5. Infatuation
  6. Love, "Falling in Love" and Dating.
  7. Boy-Girl Relationship
  8. Friendship
  9. Human Sexuality
  10. "Chastity"- A Healthy Lifestyle.
  11. Sexual Abuse in Homes.
  12. Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections
  13. HIV/AIDS.

The methodology used :

The Beneficiaries of the Programme :



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