Responsible Parenthood

Parenthood is the outpouring of the marital joy. In their life long commitment to each other, the husband and wife are simply open to a new life. It is the fruit of the profound love they share with each other as spouses. This fruit is accepted by them with great responsibility. This responsibility entails the planning and the spacing of their children, done with great discretion and discernment.

To bringforth children, nature has designed the fertility cycle in every woman. She becomes fertile only once in a cycle. If the spouses would like to take advantage of the days of fertility, then they can plan to go for a child. If they are not prepared, then they can postpone the pregnancy. This is the way the Nature does it. Keeping this fact in mind, it is called Natural Family Planning.

The Responsible Parenthood Department diffuses this knowledge of Natural Family Planning by offering instructions to engaged couples and to the spouses. These instructions are being given at the Centre, at differnet hospitals and for the Programmes organised by the Centre. It normally follows the scientific Billings Ovulation Mucous Method (BOM).

The Department also enlightens the parents and the teachers of various Schools and Educational Institutions on the responsibile upbringing of their children in the different stages of their life. Parenting has been a great challenge in recent times, not only for the educators but also for the parents. Giving different insights in psychology and in human behaviour, this Department has been endeavouring to support parents and teachers (PTA) in their tasks of upbringing the child in a responsible manner.



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